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Sound advice in any situation, however, with the Africanized (Killer) Bee knowing exactly what you are dealing with is crucial. Much of what is considered general knowledge about the Africanized bee is hearsay at best. We at Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc. have over 20 years of experience exclusively in bee removal and control. We have always believed that a well informed public is safer than a hysterical one, so we will leave the sensationalism to the media and instead offer the facts. In the following pages you can find out exactly what a killer bee is….. and isn’t. These bees aren’t leaving, so the best protection for loved ones, property, and self is knowledge.

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  • Bee Removal
  • Hive Removal
  • Swarm Removal
  • Seal Entrance/Exit,
  • Repairs from Hive Damage
  • Repairs from Honey Damage
  • Traps for Eco-Friendly Areas

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Dear Daniel:Yesterday, for the first time in weeks, I stepped out of my front door unafraid!!  I truly felt a moment of gratitude for the excellent service provided by your company.We had just purchased our home. On our first day of ownership, the pool man reported to us that we had an infestation of bees in the rafters of the house.  Hysterically, I called you to report our dilemma.  Very methodically you explained the process of destroying the hives and removing the beehive. Your knowledge and reassurance convince me that you were the company to select.The next day, your technician arrived at our home to treat the hive located on the westside of our home and discovered that we had another hive on the eastside. The technician treated both hives and several days later returned to inspect the activity and apply additional treatment to the hives. Over a ten day period, we experienced a decline in the bee swarming activities. On the day of the hives removal, you and the technician worked the entire day removing bags filled with honey and comb. It was extremely grueling work, but when you finished, our roof showed no signs of having had portions removed, and the entire area was spotless.The professionalism that you and your technician demonstrated is seldom seen today. You truly went above and beyond our expectations and I sincerely thank you for a job very well done.
Kind regards, Kate DeFloria

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