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Las Vegas Bee Swarming Season

It's bee swarming season again and we want to make sure everyone is prepared! Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc recently did a news interview with our partners at the Gilcrease Orchard to help educate the people of Las Vegas on how to handle bees during swarming season.

If you are having trouble with bees this season, call Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc today to find out how we can help.

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Bee & Wasp Removal Las Vegas

Sound advice in any situation, however, with the Africanized (Killer) Bee knowing exactly what you are dealing with is crucial. Much of what is considered general knowledge about the Africanized bee is hearsay at best. We at Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc. have over 20 years of experience exclusively in bee removal and control. We have always believed that a well informed public is safer than a hysterical one, so we will leave the sensationalism to the media and instead offer the facts. In the following pages you can find out exactly what a killer bee is….. and isn’t. These bees aren’t leaving, so the best protection for loved ones, property, and self is knowledge.

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  • Bee Removal
  • Hive Removal
  • Swarm Removal
  • Seal Entrance/Exit,
  • Repairs from Hive Damage
  • Repairs from Honey Damage
  • Traps for Eco-Friendly Areas

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I am a lineman Troubleman for THE power company in Las Vegas. THEY had hired this company to rid a transformer of an Africanized bee hive. This guy did an excellent job. He was very professional and knew how to work around the dangerous electrical components. He was very calm and collected and told me each step he would take and the reason for it. He was very personable and taught me so much about what he was doing. He vacuumed out at least 85% of the bees (in my amateur estimation) into a bee c… Read more
Angela Fletcher

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