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Our team of live bee & wasp removal experts are extremely skilled, fully qualified, and equipped to help you get rid of bees and wasps in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Proudly serving the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City areas.

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Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc has been professionally removing bees for over 25 years and is fuly licensed to handle your bee problem. We have built an outstanding reputation in the Las Vegas Valley as the leader in Africanized Honey Bee (AHB) removal. We want our customers to have a BEEutiful experience when they use our services. Call us today and see why we’re the #1 bee removal service in the valley.

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We have built an outstanding reputation in the Las Vegas Valley as the leader in bee & wasp removal.

I had a thriving hive of honeybees in my front yard… unfortunately in the sprinkler box. I would have left them be, except my landscapers need to access the water box and were understandably afraid of stings. I could tell from the robust traffic in and out of the sprinkler box that the hive was healthy. The bees were not aggressive, so I hoped they were honeybees and could be saved. I searched for a reputable company to relocate them to a better home. After asking my neighbors on Nextdoor for a referral, I decided to hire Bee Masters. Daniel safely removed the hive to a new home at Gilcrease Orchard and left me with some delicious honeycomb.

Krystal Hosmer

Called Bee Master to help us with an africanized bee infestation in two spots on our roof. The business owner, Daniel, came to give us a quote. He was reliable, fair and very knowledgeable about our problems from the very beginning. We hired him for removing the 2 bee hives from our roof and to fix all the damage resulting from the bees and the hive removal. The job took over 2 days, and he did so much more than the extermination job performed by our ex pest control company about two years ago. This is how we realized that the prior extermination job was a joke. We are extremely happy with Daniel’s service, and he gave us confidence that we should have peace of mind for a while from the bees. We will not hesitate to use Bee Master again if needed, and I would recommend them to everyone experiencing bee infestation

Nicoleta Costia

I very much appreciate the quick response and service that you offered me and my family, it was a long day because I was on the way out of town later that evening and had to prepare and then the bee problem. You gave me a peace of mind for the safety of my family with your rapid response/service, that is what I call customer service. I will be sure to use you in the future and refer you to my clients and let everyone in my office know about your company. Best wishes Daniel, thank you.

Roger Mora

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