Bee Swarming Season in Las Vegas & Henderson

swarm of bees in tree

So, you’ve probably noticed the temperature rising, the excessive pollen in the air accompanied by allergies, and the full spectrum of color in bloom. But, is there any danger associated with this beautiful season? The answer is maybe, if the right precautions aren’t taken.

During this time of year pollination is crucial to plant survival and farming, but the common pollinator often strikes fear in those who hear it. Yes, I’m talking about the common bumble bee. The seemingly harmless yellow and black striped bug can pack a punch, if they sting. For those who are allergic, these little guys are more frightening and may even make you want to stay inside. However, they are not the culprit to bee swarms you might see.

Bee swarms are formed by honeybees or Africanized bees, not bumblebees. You may see a few bumblebees congregate outside the nest, but the large swarms seen here in Las Vegas are made up of honeybees or Africanized bees. Everyone loves the sweet treat they produce, but these swarms can be in inconvenient places and may be a threat to you, your family, or even your outdoor pets. Especially, during bee swarming season in Las Vegas, from April through May.

You may “bee” wondering, how can you tell the difference between a European honeybee and the Africanized, killer bee. While both can be dangerous for those with allergies, the Africanized bee serves the greater threat. There really isn’t a lot of distinguishing features between the European honeybee and the Africanized honeybee. Africanized honeybees arrived in the 1990s, along with our company Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc. These Africanized honeybees are known as killer bees, because they will viciously attack those who invade their territory and pose a threat to the colony or swarm. Seeing there is not a great amount of physical difference between the European and Africanized honeybee, it is best not to take a risk in identifying the threat yourself.

So, what do you if you encounter a swarm? The best thing is to avoid it and contact your local, professional bee removal service, like us, Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc. According to the University of Arkansas, these swarms are typically harmless. But it is in your best interest to give us a call to avoid any issues that might arise. You should not try to eradicate the bees yourself with a pesticide, because this can be very dangerous. For your safety, please contact Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc. to handle this in an eco-friendly way.