Local Beekeeper Partnerships

Saving bees when ever possible is very important to us. The benefits that bees bring to the local eco-system are irreplaceable and we love doing our part. That’s why we’ve partnered with local beekeepers in Las Vegas to ensure we can safely relocate bees when appropriate. Local beekeepers help us provide humane treatment to the bees and allow the bees to continue providing their benefits to our local community.

Save the Bees!

Bees are really important insects. In fact, we rely very heavily on their pollination for a large portion of global agriculture to be successful! No one understands this better than local beekeepers and that’s why we are passionate about working with our local beekeepers of Las Vegas and surrounding areas to save the bees together.

Beekeepers work hard to delicately care for large populations of bees at a time and ensure they live a happy, healthy life. If the bees are happy and prosperous, then so too are our flowers, trees, and other plants. Win, win!

Gilcrease Orchard Beekeeping

We have a long standing partnership with Gilcrease Orchard and their group of local beekeepers to give the bees that we relocate a great place to live. Gilcrease Orchard grows some of the best produce in all of Nevada and one of the reasons for that is all the time and care their beekeepers put into ensuring their bee colonies are thriving and able to perform at their best.

We are passionate about live relocation and saving bees whenever possible and are grateful for the beekeepers at Gilcrease Orchard who have cared for many of the bees we’ve been able to safely relocate over the years!

Interested In Partnering Up?

If you’re a local beekeeper interested in helping us save the bees, please use the form below to tell us a little bit about yourself and how you feel you can help! We love the passion our local beekeepers have for saving the bees and we can’t wait to talk with you more! We look forward to hearing from you.