Bees to the Mound: Bee Hive Takes over Dugout at Baseball Game

bee box

Baseball is a staple of summertime, and everyone wants to spend their day watching this sport, including some buzzing insects. At a game in Corpus Christi, TX, they discovered beehive in baseball dugout who had invaded to watch the game. They took over the space to let players know they are ready to take the mound for a home run.

Take the Bees to the Ball Game: Beehive in Baseball Dugout

This bee story is an excellent example of beehives in interesting places and how you can’t control where they make their homes.

Rest for a bit

The dugout is their sanctuary when baseball players need to set up their game or relax after a home run. But these bees wanted to be a part of the team, so they built their hive in the dugout. This beehive is the latest in bee news and left baseball players with no place to rest during their game. They might need a bee removal soon so the beehive won’t be there for the rest of the season.


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