Identifying the Different Kinds of Bees in Nevada

Bees Entering Hive

For most people, when you hear buzzing around your head the first response is to think that the bees might stings you. While this is a normal response for most people, there is usually very little reason to worry about being stung. When it comes to bees they are just like everything else in the world, they are not all the same. There are many different kinds of bees, but today we are going to focus on the specific types that you will commonly find in Nevada. Being able to identify types of bees by their look and behavior can help you understand your level of danger and the appropriate actions to take.


Honey Bee


One of the most prominent bees in Nevada is the Honeybee. When it comes to these little guys they are actually known to be friendly. These bees are social, they like to travel in groups and live in groups that can consist of thousands. They are a skinny golden/yellow with some black/brown bands. Now if you use honey for foods or drinks you should love these bees because, as the name suggests, they are the main source of honey. The crazy part about these bees is the males do not actually have stingers! Honeybees typically mind their own business unless they are provoked or their hive is attacked.


Africanized Bees

Africanized Bees or Killer Bees have garnered quite the reputation in recent years. Africanized bees can be commonly confused with Honeybees because they have a similar appearance. They are a small golden/yellow with some brown/black bands. Because of the similar appearance, Killer Bees are often easier to identify be behavior. Unlike the Honeybee, Killer Bees are very defensive and have ‘a short temper’ if you are bothering them. If you have had or have a hive in or near your house it is most likely a Killer Beehive as Honeybees typically don’t create hives near an area frequented by people. If you believe an Africanized Beehive is on your property, it is highly recommended to call professionals to get it removed. These bees love to colonize in homes and structures which is why they so frequently come into contact with homeowners.


Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees

Just like every other bee, the name describes them perfectly. These bees are normally found near wooden objects or structures. They have quite a different appearance compared to the Honey Bee and Africanized Bee in that they are normally all black. Occasionally, Carpenter Bees can be seen in yellow and black, or even white. The Carpenter Bee builds their nest into wood, so if you have wooden objects or a wooden house it is important to take extra precautions. Their hives can often be identified by small holes that appear to have been drilled into the wood. The good thing about Carpenter bees is they are not aggressive. They do not bite and only the females have a stinger. The appearance of these bees looks intimidating, but they are one of the most passive bees on this list.


Now that you have a better idea of what is buzzing around you, you can rest easy when it is a friendly group and get a professional involved if it’s required. With all these bees listed it is best not to be swatting at them, if you don’t present harm to them, they shouldn’t harm you. If you do have a hive around your home, it is highly recommended not to handle it yourself. A professional team like Bee Masters of Las Vegas will happily provide you a free estimates. We use eco-friendly chemicals and are more than ready to handle any type of beehive around your home or business.