In the News! “Bee season in Las Vegas: What you need to know”

Swarming Season Fox

It’s that time of the year again!

Spring is peak swarming season for  bees. Bees typically swarm when they are moving from place to place in hopes of discovering a new location for their nest. These swarms rarely have any interest in people and don’t sting unless they are provoke. If you see a new swarm in a tree or on the side of a house, they are typically resting and will continue their search for a hive location shortly. One way you can be proactive is to check your house for any places that bees would be able to nest. This can be difficult as bees are small and can squeeze into little gaps and cracks on your home to create a hive in your wall or in places like sprinkler control boxes and light poles.

Bee Master of Las Vegas is here to help you with any and all bee concerns. From preventative measures such as closing off entrances to the bees to relocating them, Bee Master of Las Vegas has the experience and expertise to help. We can also help with getting any damage done by the bees repaired and take steps to prevent a hive from returning.

If we can help you anytime during this season, please contact us for a free quote.