Is All Bee Honey Edible?


Honey is the nature’s sweetener and serves more than something to add to your tea or biscuits. It has the power of an anti-inflammatory agent, which means you can use it for those pesky pimples. But all bees produce honeycombs, but is it edible honey you can use? If you have a hive building in your home, you might want to know if you can salvage the honey for your scones or if it will be a risk to attempt keeping it.

Do All Bees Produce Edible Honey?

If you use this precious bee nectar on the daily, you know little bees worked hard to produce this sweetness. But what kind of bees helped with production of the sweetener or is there only one type of bees who produce this delicate sugar substitute?

It’s in the name

The first type of bee you think produce honey is the honey bees, as it is in their name. They provide the hives with the sweetener to store their nectar for food. Beekeepers will monitor their work and harvest the honey once they see the cap of the production. The results are where you get the decadent companion to your buttery biscuits.

How edible is Africanized bee honey?

The more aggressive type of bee still produces honeycombs, but their honey isn’t as edible as you think. The nectar-produced honey of the Africanized bees has some of the stings they create, so it is harmful to eat. While their honeycombs tempt you with a gold mine of nectar, it is better to get the store-bought version to avoid any harm.

All that buzzes

So what happens if a bumble bee or Africanized bees come and make their hives in your house? It isn’t time to put a beekeeper outfit on and start harvesting some honey. It’s best to leave the removal of any honey to the professionals, as they will quickly tell you if the honey is worth putting in your tea. Contacting your local beekeeper or bee removal company helps you to know if it is delicious honey or prevent a dangerous situation from happening if you eat it.

Safe Removal of Bees and Their Honey

Keeping the bees and your household safe is the priority of Bee Masters of Las Vegas. We condition safe bee relocation in Las Vegas to not disturb the bee population. Contact us today if you have an active hive of Africanized bees!