Professional Bee Rescue in Las Vegas: Saving Bees Helps Us All

Bee keeper holder bee hive

When bees take up residence on your Las Vegas property, it can feel like a scary situation. No one wants to get stung, after all. If one starts buzzing around, we’ve all done the strange dance and hand swat action at some point because of the fear of pain. It’s even scarier when you have a defensive bee species living … Read More

Safe Bee Removal Ideas for Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Bee Entering Hive

Bees can be scary. The idea of being stung causes many to run away from this helpful insect, even if there isn’t a known allergy. Some people even try to smash them as a way to defend themselves. It is essential to remember that bees are different than wasps or hornets. Many people who call for a safe bee removal … Read More

How to Care for Bees in Your Neighborhood

wild bee

  We’ve all probably seen bees around our homes, and while many regard them as an unwanted pest – they should be more celebrated! Bees are becoming threatened en masse, so any bit of help you can give to save the bees and support local colonies is worth the effort! Big or small, you should learn how to support your … Read More

How to Ward Off Wasps

  Wasps. Just the name alone inspires some fear or at the very least some deep-seated aversion. There’s very little about wasps that make us want to be near them, and they don’t want to be near us either. Unlike their friendlier cousins, the bees, they’re just a lot nastier. They don’t make any delicious honey, pollinate flowers, or shy … Read More

10 Tips for When Your Animal is Stung by Bees

dog laying in field of flowers

It’s always scary getting stung by a bee—no matter how old you are. But what do you do when your animals get stung by bees? If you have a beehive in your yard, it’s important to learn preventative steps to avoid getting stung, as well as what to do if someone does get stung. Take these special tips to handle … Read More

Top Tips on How to Start a Honey Bee Hive

Beekeepers looking at their hives

A bee’s nest is a complex creation of tunnels and chambers constructed to aid a bee’s daily life. A hive is a man-made structure used to keep a bee. A hive gathers honey and helps nearby pollination of crops and plant-life. Through the use of beeswax, bees create honeycomb that they use to store food and raise their young. Find … Read More

Tips and Tricks on How to Keep Bees Away from Your House

Bees Find a Way into Any Hole

Mid-March to late spring is known as the swarming season in the United States. During this season, bees reproduce and split off from their original colony to form a new colony and find a new home. Don’t want to become neighbors with a new hive of bees? Here’s some tips and tricks on how to keep bees away from your … Read More

The Difference Between Wasps and Bees

Difference Between Wasps and Bees

When we hear a buzzing sound outside, we instantly think of them; bees and wasps! Although summer is the peak season for these little critters to flock, it’s important to know how to spot their differences all year round. But what are the differences between wasps and bees? As they buzz by you, they seem to look the same and … Read More

The Winter Critters to Beware This Winter in Las Vegas [infographic]

 The cold weather keeps us indoors in our cozy homes, and we hate to be outside. Well, humans aren’t the only ones who dread the freezing temperatures. There are insects and animals who come out in the winter in Las Vegas and become more significant pests than a chilly night without a blanket. Beware of these critters who want to … Read More