4 Facts to Know about Africanized Bees

honeycomb with bees

The sounds of buzzing in your backyard are often the soundtrack to your Spring or Summer, but what kind of bees are flying around your area? There are so many bees who probably fly through your yard but what are some things to know about Africanized bees? We are here to give you facts about Africanized bees to help you … Read More

4 Ways You can Help Save the Bees


What do you know about the importance of our bee population in our everyday lives? We often think they invade our homes and provide us with delicious honey. But there is more the bee can affect with the decline of their populations due to the growing use of pesticides for our crops. It’s time to save the bees and help … Read More

Spring into Action: What to Do If You Notice a Africanized Beehive


Have you noticed a larger population of bees in and around your home? You have searched through your entire house and didn’t find the source of where they are coming from, and it is something to worry. Then, your search leads you to the Africanized beehive, so what do you do now? We are here to help you with handling … Read More

3 Signs You Might Have an Africanized Beehive


Spring is in the air, and the vegetation and insects are out in full force. Africanized honey bees also like to come out to play during this season. Awareness of Africanized bees is essential for you to avoid the possibilities of the aggressive species of bees to invade your home. They are known to build their hives in specific awkward … Read More

Bee Master Las Vegas Interviewed on Channel 3

Channel 3 news interviewed our own Daniel Millett of Bee Master Las Vegas yesterday.  Daniel talked to the reporter about what may have caused a recent bee attack and what you could do to avoid a bee attack. Here is a link to the video- Channel 3- Bee Master Las Vegas Interview

Man died after recent bee attack

As reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal, an exterminator trying to remove a beehive passed away after being stung over 200 times.  A link to the article has been provided below. LVRJ Article

Channel 8 Video on Recent Bee Attack

channel 8 bee attack

Last Thursday 8/4 there was a severe bee attack near Russell Road and Fort Apache.  We have a link to the article here- KLAS 8 – Questions linger in bee attack  

Bee Master at ScoutQuest 2015

Earlier this year, Bee Master of Las Vegas had the opportunity to volunteer and teach the Insect Study Merit Badge Class.  It was a great time to work with over 300 scouts from 3 different states to help them learn more about bees.