Professional Bee Rescue in Las Vegas: Saving Bees Helps Us All

Bee keeper holder bee hive

When bees take up residence on your Las Vegas property, it can feel like a scary situation. No one wants to get stung, after all. If one starts buzzing around, we’ve all done the strange dance and hand swat action at some point because of the fear of pain.

It’s even scarier when you have a defensive bee species living on your property. Aggressive behaviors can lead to sometimes dangerous situations. We saw this issue happen in 2018 near Farm Road and Rainbow Boulevard when six hives of Africanized bees were attacking animals.

Instead of killing aggressive bees, we must do our best to save them. Populations have faced a decline since 2006 because of Colony Collapse Disorder, and Africanized bees have a specific resistance to Varroa mites.

A professional bee rescue can remove the problem from your Las Vegas property without the need for extermination.


What Do Bees Do for Our Environment?

Bees are pollinators.

Up to 90% of the plants that grow on our planet each year require cross-pollination to thrive. If you like to visit your favorite store to purchase everything from apples to broccoli, then you have bees to thank for that food. About one-third of our current food supply comes from this activity.The work of each colony transfers pollen from the anther to the stigma. As the insects move to different flowers, it allows the plant to produce food.

That’s just one benefit that our environment receives. Here are some additional advantages to consider when comparing a professional bee rescue to a quick removal that could kill a colony.


1. Bees create habitats for other wildlife.

The elaborate hives that bees create become homes for other animals and insects over time. Once the structure is known to be abandoned, it becomes a useful place that contributes to nature’s biodiversity.

Mice love to use beehives in the winter, especially if honey remains inside. Various species of moths and ants will use the structure to lay their eggs. Even caterpillars can eat the construction materials from the exterior shell as a way to introduce more diversity into the environment.


2. Bees are part of the food chain.

At least two dozen different bird species see bees as being part of their dinner. That includes the hummingbirds you can find in Las Vegas, even though it doesn’t seem like an insect eater. If we support the colonies as they build a hive, we’re also creating stability within the ecosystem for many other animals.

The dragonfly and the praying mantis are known to eat bees occasionally, as are spiders and several other insects.


3. Honeybees produce a food product that everyone uses.

Bees produce honey as a way to feed their colonies. We have harvested this product for so long that there are stories about that activity in the Old Testament. “My son, eat honey, for it is good,” is just one passage of many.

Other animals love to eat honey if it is available. Raccoons, birds, opossums, squirrels, and insects raid beehives all of the time. Brown and black bears also love to consume the larvae from the colony. If we rescue bees here in Las Vegas, we help to support this global ecosystem.


4. Bees stimulate wild plant growth.

When we discuss the advantages that bees provide, the conversation often focuses on the various crops that we grow. We must also remember that many species of wild plants require the work of these pollinators to survive. Nuts, berries, seeds, and fruit all appear because of the efforts of local colonies, providing a food resource that’s vital for the wildlife in Las Vegas and around the world.


Do You Have a Bee Problem on your Property?

Are you living in Henderson, Boulder City, Las Vegas, or North Las Vegas and have concerns about a bee colony that wants to share your property?

Instead of purchasing an insecticide to solve the problem, consider having a professional bee rescue come to perform a successful renewal. Our expert team will provide you with a free inspection and estimate so that you can weigh all of your options.

Contact us today at (702) 457-6700 to start that process. You can also provide us with your information on our contact page if you prefer.

Bees are an essential ingredient in the recipe of life. If we all do our part to save them, then we’re helping the rest of the world with that effort.