Steve Cabrales


“About two years ago we had bees that had built a hive in one of our storage shed. We did a search on Google and ended up contacting Bee Master out of Las Vegas. They were able to respond to our house within 24 hours. Daniel came to the house and spoke with us asking us where the problem was and how long we had noticed the bees there in the shed. Daniel went into the back yard and looked at the bees then went back out to the truck to suit up and take care of the bees. I had some of my Grand Children at the house and Daniel took the time to teach them about the bees, and the protective equipment he used while getting rid of the bees. The Grand kids had a lot of questions and he even let them put on a bee hood and gloves just like he got dressed up in. He even told the kids what to do if a swarm of bees began attacking them.

After the bee lesson Daniel suited up and went to the back yard and began to take care of the problem. He had to drill holes into the floor to get the pesticide to eliminate the bees. After he treated the area he went back to the truck and put away all of his bee equipment. He told us they should be gone in about 72 hours and if not to contact them and they will come out and treat the bees again. We did have to call them back after the 72 hours to which they responded quickly that day and reapplied the pesticide and we had no other problems with the bees for a couple of years.

In June 2019 we had the bees back at our shed to which we contacted the Bee Master. Again Daniel responded within 24 hours of the call and once again took a look at the problem in the back yard. Daniel asked us if we wanted the bees exterminated and opening left open or he advised they would seal the entrance and exit to the bee hive so they will not smell the honey and wax and take over again. Daniel geared up and went into the back and treated the bees with pesticide and then sealed the wholes to keep bees in or out.

Daniel was very professional and knew his job. Not only did he know his job he did explain everything about the bees, what they were doing, how the would be eliminated and told us how to prevent them from returning right away. I would strongly recommend The Bee Masters if you have any bee issues. They are professional, well priced, and ensure everything is explained to you and what your money is going to. If we ever have another Bee Issue we will be sure to call the Bee Masters.”

Steve Cabrales