Roger Mora

Grant Vickers

I very much appreciate the quick response and service that you offered me and my family, it was a long day because I was on the way out of town later that evening and had to prepare and then the bee problem. You gave me a peace of mind for the safety of my family with your rapid response/service, that … Read More

Steve Cabrales


“About two years ago we had bees that had built a hive in one of our storage shed. We did a search on Google and ended up contacting Bee Master out of Las Vegas. They were able to respond to our house within 24 hours. Daniel came to the house and spoke with us asking us where the problem was … Read More



I write this letter to you in gratitude for your work done at my property on Martinique Ave at Madeira Club. Not only are your prices reasonable, but your work speaks for your company.  You went above and beyond my expectations. A month after completing the job you came back and hosed down the remainder wax on my balcony after … Read More

Tom M.


I am pleased to provide a testimonial to the superb knowledge, customer service and patience shown to us when we had occasion to use Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc. recently. We literally were swarmed with hundreds of bees in our pool area. We could not use the pool until Bee Master came and educated us and gave us a … Read More

Basil & Anna Freeman


I am very satisfied with the service I received from Daniel Millett of Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc., My bee problem was totally eradicated. The initial call to them was responded to within 2 hours and they removed almost 75 lbs. of honey and honey comb from my shed. The 30 day warranty was used as I had to … Read More

Jim & Vivian Tidd


Dear Daniel and Annie, We want to express our appreciation in the way you handled our bee situation. Having no knowledge of this type of bees and how to properly get rid of them, was very stressful. Fortunately, Bee Master of Las Vegas solved our problem quickly and thoroughly from start to finish, efficiently and in a timely manner. As … Read More

Julie L.


After several weeks of seeing a few bees outside my front door and not finding a hive nearby, I realized that they were going inside the exterior wall of the garage through a small opening.  I called Daniel the following day, and he was able to come out within a couple hours on a Saturday.  He drilled several holes in the … Read More



Gentlemen: I wish to express my appreciation for a job well done in the extermination of a bee infestation in my outdoor spa unit. I was impressed and pleased with Mr. Juarez your technician who rid me of the bees but also took the time to educate me about the bee’s and how to ensure that they would not return. … Read More

Guy Hobbs


To say that going through the experience of having a beehive removed from my wall was a pleasant experience might be a bit of a stretch. However, to say that Bee Master of Las Vegas, Inc. made the experience as pleasant as possible is not an overstatement. From the initial call and throughout the process, they were willing and eager … Read More

Stamatis Fragiadakis


This past Saturday, my husband and I were enjoying our morning coffee, when I happened to look out at our oleander tree. I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were what appeared to be two huge bee hives hanging next to each other from one of the branches. Needless to say, we didn’t dare to venture outside, and ran for … Read More