Beeswax: What is it Used For?

Beeswax is an amazing substance that offers various benefits and uses for everyday life! Incorporating beeswax will be a simple but great start if you want a more holistic lifestyle. First, let’s talk about how bees make beeswax.

How Do Bees Make Beeswax?

Beeswax is the foundation of the beehive. Worker bees secrete wax from eight wax glands on the underside of their abdomens. The wax exudes as a liquid but quickly cools and solidifies. The worker bee collects the wax from her abdomen with her legs and chews it until it’s pliable and shapes it into the hexagonal cells that make up the beautiful honeycomb design.

Beeswax Benefits

Moisturizes Dry Skin

Natural beeswax is an amazing way to moisturize the skin and is commonly found in skincare products and cosmetics. It can help protect and repair dry and chapped skin by locking in moisture.

Helps Relieve Pain

As a medicine, beeswax has been studied to relieve pain and inflammation in the body. A 2014 study found that beeswax helped relieve inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. 23 of the randomly selected patients experienced a reduction in pain and stiffness. The reduction was significant at the second week’s beginning and improved more over the trial period.

Helps Clear Acne

Beeswax is one of many well-known home remedies for acne. Research indicates that it has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective for treating acne, primarily because it contains vitamin A.

Relieves Stress

Sometimes you want to end the day by lighting a candle, grabbing a glass of wine, and relaxing on the couch. Did you know candles made from paraffin can actually be harmful? Paraffin candles release soot into the air that can be harmful to your lungs and damage household items like computers. Replace your candles with beeswax candles for a natural and pure sense of relaxation!

Beeswax Uses

Personal Care Products

Beeswax is often used in skin care products because it protects against irritants while allowing the skin to breathe. With its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties, beeswax helps treat skin irritation. People with sensitive skin find beeswax products soothing and protective.

Reusable Food Wraps

Now becoming a popular alternative to plastic wrap, beeswax food wraps are easy to make and use daily. The warmth of your hands allows you to mold the beeswax to whatever shape you want, and it stays put. When refrigerated, it forms a firm cover to protect your leftovers. You can DIY your own or purchase them online from small businesses!

Cast Iron Seasoning

If you regularly use cast iron skillets, you would know they need extra care from time to time. Seasoning them is the key to their longevity. Many people use various seed oils, but you can also use beeswax! Here’s a tutorial for you: Season Your Cast Iron with Beeswax.

Candles (of course)

The more obvious use of beeswax is in making candles. Beeswax candles burn brighter, remove toxins from the air and leave a comforting honey smell. Beeswax candles also burn much slower than paraffin candles. Check out this informative tutorial: DIY Beeswax Candles.

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